Palo Santo (5 Sticks) 南非圣木(5根)

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Palo Santo
Palo santo, which means “holy wood” or “wood of the saints,” is a fallen wood from a sweet, fragrant tree that grows in South America. It belongs to the citrus family, and is related to both frankincense and myrrh. For centuries, the Incas, Shamans, medicine people and Indigenous communities in South America have used this powerful form of tree medicine for energy clearing, healing and spiritual cleansing.

💗 Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing.
For centuries the indigenous people of the Andes have been using palo santo for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. When the wood is burned it’s believed to clear negative energy and restore tranquility and calm.

💗 Inspiring creativity and bringing love and good fortune.
Burn palo santo sticks or use the charcoal for ritual smudging that will welcome creativity, love, and good fortune into your space. The wood can help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration.

💗 Bringing a deeper connection to the divine source.
If meditation is the yin, palo santo is the yang. The uplifting scent is the perfect partner for your meditation practice. Raise your vibration, and discover peace and groundedness as you sink into a deeper connection to the Earth and your inner consciousness.

💗 Energetic protection and the removal of negativity.
When used for smudging or burning, palo santo can eliminate negative energy, creating a calmer, more tranquil space. Set an intention about what you want to clear out of your space, then move from corner to corner, removing any bad energy, uplifting your spirit, and filling your home with good fortune.

💗 The enticing and clarifying palo santo scent.
Can we wax on a bit here about the remarkable, lasting scent of a palo santo smudge? For our kitchens and bedrooms, vehicles and workspaces, the brightness of citrus, marked with the ancient notes of its natural heritage, bring a uniquely clarifying scent to every space. The benefit of burning palo santo wood in a smudging practice is its lingering scent.

💗 Vibrational cleansing and renewal for crystals.
Crystals do much of the heavy lifting in the work of drawing out negative energy. Like humans, crystals benefit from a ritualistic cleansing to maintain their best qualities. Integrating a smudging practice every 2-3 days for your rose quartz, amethyst, jasper, citrine, or other crystal types, is a lovely way to keep your crystals primed for their true power.

💗 Calming the mind and mental ailments.
The symptoms and causes of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders are complex. Palo santo wood does not boast a cure, but a smudging or essential oil practice integrated as part of a larger healing plan can provide some relief. Consider it aromatherapy; releasing a calming scent to the olfactory and limbic systems of the body and brain and in turn creating a sense of relaxation and calm.

秘鲁圣木Palo Santo在西班牙语中的意思为:神圣的木头,来自异次元的香氛,蕴藏强大的正面力量和疗愈价值。



【功效特性】:净化空间/抗菌/抗病毒/助伤口愈合/增强免疫力/消炎/疼痛/皮肤问题/身心放松/助冥想/净化能量与气场 (驱走负能量)/等等…







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