California White Sage (3 Bundles)美国加州白鼠尾草 (3捆)

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California white sage bundles 4 inch
💖1. It may be purifying
💜2. It may help relieve the symptoms of some conditions
💖3. It can be a spiritual tool
💜4. It may help dispel negative energy
💖5. It can cleanse or empower specific objects
💜6. It may help improve your mood
💖7. It may help soothe stress
💜8. It may improve the quality of your sleep
💖9. It may help boost cognition
💜10. It may help boost your energy levels
💖11. It can create an uplifting fragrance

✅How to prepare for a smudge
Before burning sage, some recommend setting intentions if smudging for spiritual, energetic, and negativity-clearing purposes.

✅It’s also important to leave a window open before, during, and after smudging. This allows smoke to escape.

✅Some believe smoke also takes impurities and negative energy with it — so don’t skip this step.

✅How to smudge your living space, an object, and more
✅These steps apply whether you’re smudging yourself, your home, or an object. You can smudge any of these as often as you’d like.



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